Mitch is an experience front-end web developer specializing JavaScript and jQuery development. His advanced aptitude working with complex data driven API’s has seen Mitch work for some of Australia’s most exciting startups and some of the worlds largest brands.

Since Spotify’s App API release in 2011, Mitch has developed an enviable reputation for delivering some of the most exciting Spotify apps released to date. These include the internationally recognized ‘We Are Hunted’ chart, Reebok, Sony Legacy and Ticketmaster Spotify apps.

During his time with us, Mitch Malone became one of the world’s best Spotify App developers. He developed the successful We Are Hunted Spotify app, that has remained among the top 5 Spotify apps since launch a year ago. He has also developed several other successful Spotify apps including ‘The Legacy Of’ for Sony Music and ‘FitList’ for Reebok.

– Stephen Phillips, We Are Hunted

Mitch’s unique perspective on user experience sees him marry his intense love for clean, timeless design, with bleeding edge, scalable code. He strives to make his applications an experience to remember which is evident in all applications he has released.

All of this technical knowledge combined with a keen understanding of product development, online marketing and a love for social media, gives Mitch all of the tools necessary to not only come up with great ideas, but to effectively execute them and deliver not only technical knowledge, but also product leadership.

As a part of the founding team of BuzzNumbers, Mitch presented at events such as BarCamp, Social Media Sydney and more.

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, LESS, Node.js, Photoshop CS4/CS5, Mac OS X, Linux, Subversion (Git, SVN, hg, etc.), Agile, SCRUM, Spotify App Development, Music App Development, User Experience, Design, Product Management.